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Quality Zinc Die Castings

JENERS GmbH has established itself as a leader in the zinc die casting industry since 1930 through the production of precise and unsurpassed details to their castings.  Two facilities in Velbert and Wülfrath, Germany, produce die castings according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 with part weights from 3 grams to over 4 kilograms.

The hot box equipment ranges in sizes from 100 x 100 to 700 x 700mm and a clamping force up to 200 tons.  All secondary operations can be performed on in-house CNC controlled machining, turning and milling.

Capabilities range from product development, tooling design and testing.  We can provide surface treatments, assembly and customer specific packaging.   JENERS works closely with its customers during the design and tooling construction phase so that the strictest of time tables can be adhered to.

Please consider JENERS for your zinc die casting needs.

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